A new Slack Workspace for the XML Community

April 15, 2020

Submitted by Adam Retter.

I can't remember exactly whether it was this year's XML Prague or the previous year's (maybe that's a side effect of XML Prague!), but something at the conference inspired me to think about setting up some sort of real-time communication system for the XML Community.

Whilst I was already a heavy user of Slack, I initially experimented with Discord as I liked the fact that it gave more away for free. Although I disliked the cartoon like appearance and having to install yet another chat client. Sadly, after the conference work took over as normal for me, and the idea didn't progress any further. That is until I received a message earlier this week on Twitter:

Is there any slack room where people hangout for #XSLT, #XQuery and other #XML technologies?

This reminded me that there is a real need from the XML community for a real-time communication solution. So I asked myself, if I were to setup a new Slack workspace, then who would be a good neutral steward?

I wanted somewhere that would be vendor independent, and equally open to XSLT, XQuery, XForms, or whatever X technology. I concluded: What could be more XML than "XML.com"?

Lauren Wood and XML.com are pleased to act as the host for an XML Slack Community. 

You can now join the XML Slack Community through this invitation URL.

Hope to see you there :-) 

Note: This is intended to be a fair and inclusive community, we expect everyone to follow the Code of Conduct at https://www.contributor-covenant.org/version/1/4/code-of-conduct/

p.s. Thanks to the tweet from Emmanuel Oga for poking me back into action.

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