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Parsing and refactoring FORTRAN code with XML

Philippe Marguinaud
In this article, Philippe Marguinaud explains how XML can be used to parse a language such as FORTRAN. The first big advantage over other existing approaches is that XML can represent both structure and hand-written content. The other benefit is that all power tools coming from the XML realm become instantly available for searching and editing the syntax tree. Eventually, the article shows how a FORTRAN syntax tree can be loaded in Firefox, using an XSL stylesheet.

31 May 2022 Read

XPath 3: Conversations and Bridges

Liam Quin
XPath and the languages that use it - XSLT, XQuery, XForms, Schematron and many more - share with natural language that you can say things in many ways. XPath 3 adds new ways of saying things that can be both exciting and sometimes a little daunting. Let’s look at some new operators in XPath 3 and see how they can make things clearer and how to use them to write XPath expressions that are clearer and easier to read.

12 November 2020 Read

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